Best Editing Apps For TikTok

TikTok is a super-trending social media platform that allows users to create short videos and share them with songs, dances, and lip-syncs. The app provides several guidelines to make a better video, and also, the users can buy TikTok likes to get their followers crazy and inspired. The built-in tools of TikTok are quite basic and are best suited for a few seconds video. To stand out from piercing competition in the platform, the users need to make use of video-editing apps suggested for TikTok.


ViaMaker is a multi-purpose editing app that helps in creating incredible videos. ByteDance released its first video editing app. ViaMaker skyrocketed in its reach and gathered more than six thousand reviews on the playstore.

Though the app has excluded inspiring features such as a green screen, its handy features include cut, reverse, and speed changing. It has advanced effects and filters, along with an amazing music library. The app has customizable TikTok fonts and trending effects with a massive range of stunning results.


It is a free editing app offered by TikTok to help beginners. The user can enhance their TikTok videos with cropping, rotating, transitions, filters, and much more. BeeCut has a flexible User Interface, and appealing videos can be created within a few clicks. It supports standard features of various aspects like widescreen, Portrait, Standard, TaoBao, and square.

Multiple transitions allow users to transform images into videos. The user can cut videos as per the frame and remove unwanted portions with few clicks. The duration of the videos can be customized and can be exported in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Filmora9 Video Editor

Filmora9 grants permission to video editing tools required to create funny or musical videos for TikTokers to share on the platform. The app allows users to cut or trim video clips, choose a resolution for the project, include a soundtrack for a recorded video, and much more. Also, Fimora9 offers incredible exporting features that allow users to select the device on which the video is to be played and provides a wide choice to save the video locally or upload it on the platform.


iMovie has been the most reliable video editing app for the past two decades for iPhone and iPad who don’t have the upper hand in video-editing skills. iMovie allows users to select from eight themes and various templates to align their multiple video clips and include a soundtrack for them. iMovie offers tools to cut footage, create green effects, or record voiceovers. All these features make the iMovie video editor the best-suited choice to create TikTok videos.


If the user is looking forward to processing the footage and sharing it with their peers, InShot is the best option for TikTokers. The users can perform all basic editing tasks for the video on their android devices. Also, they can trim a video clip, change its speed, and combine multiple videos. The app offers a selection from a broad spectrum of audio and visual effects and enables incorporating its music. The user can make in-app purchases to remove watermarks and ads from the video.


Zoomerang is a handy video editing app that is best suited for TikTokers at the beginning stage. It offers step by step tutorials within the app. Therefore the users can view popular videos and understand how to create videos for themselves. The app includes editing tools like filters, effects, music, and more. To enjoy ad-free videos and experience additional editing features, the user can make a pro-subscription. Zoomerang offers a limited plan free of cost, and it is best suitable for engaging Tik Tok accounts.


Quik is a free video-editing app from TikTok. The user can select twenty-three different video styles and customize the videos by including texts, frames, emojis, and more. Also, the user can consist of slow-motion or fast-moving effects. Quik provides multi-language support, including Spanish, English, Japanese, French, and simplified Chinese forms. The app has a simple interface, and it supports multi-platform sharing.


It is an awesome video editing app in TikTok that offers a wide range of visual effects. It enables the users to select from various transitions and makes it simple to share videos to TikTok and other social media platforms. Funimate boosts the TikTok channel by providing daily challenges and getting recognized by the app’s community.