Key Contribution Of TikTok On Social Media Marketing

It is evident that many of the features on TikTok aren’t unique, but they are creatively packaged together and offered to users in an incredible way that is unseen before. TikTok incorporated many features that simply make content creation handy, unlike their predecessors in the short video market.

Incredible Growth

TikTok has also succeeded with in-app purchases in revenues of nearly 500 million yuan by the progressive sale of virtual coins in early 2019. The most surprising factor is that the United States users contribute around 55% of TikTok’s revenue. However, all of this did not turn out without expense. While having a more in-depth look at TikTok’s Expansion worldwide, Bytedance has spent nearly 20 million RMB per day to acquire traffic for the app and enhance user numbers.

Even Businesses have begun to take measures to become “Verified Organization Accounts” on the TikTok platform. Even larger brands in China have started running marketing campaigns on the platform though it is obvious that these are still in their early stages. Many marketers have predicted that TikTok marketing could be a persuading method for reaching China’s younger population.

Key Features

Similar to Snapchat, TikTok can personalize content by using augmented reality lenses and filters. The platform offers a wide range of visual effects that can be included before or after recording a video. Other significant features of the app have an inbox where notifications about the user’s account are displayed and a “Discover” page where a catalog of trending hashtags are featured.

Music is the integral component of the platform. A significant portion of videos shared on the platform feature dancing and lip-synching of the consumers to a particular track as a funny skit background. The platform offers a wide variety of music genres (as well as movie clips and sound effects) to support the personalization of the video with sound.

On the bottom right of the post, the track selected is displayed in an icon that rotates. Icons that enable users to follow content creators and comment, like, and share the published video are placed below.

Hashtag Challenge

Successful brands indulged in TikTok-owned challenges and also created contests for their brands, encouraging users to create content relevant to the hashtag. Marketers also uplift Hashtag Challenges and features in TikTok, which includes a purchasable component to sponsored Challenges, enabling users to buy products of a brand without exiting the app.

Brand Takeovers

Brands can choose to advertise using images, GIFs, and videos, and the content sponsored can be linked to the company’s landing page. But it is essential to be noted that takeovers are exclusive to specific categories, and each day only one brand can take over a category. Companies can create their branded lenses, similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram, which are featured in key locations and are available for a specific amount of time throughout the app during that period. Brands can also buy TikTok likes as it will maximize their brand visibility.

Nativity Of The Content Editor

The app enables to record footage, quickly trim and combine clips, and include music and sound effects at the click of a button, thereby supporting the creator’s dream. In general, videos are 15 seconds in length, but users can create a string of up to four15-second segments of video together at once. Tagging other accounts, hashtags, and saving videos to your albums are all part of the platform’s feature. The user can publicly share the videos, send them to selected accounts, or remain entirely private. The trim feature allows creators to storyboard a particularly enticing video and then rapidly produce and publish the final product.

Fuels The shares Through Video Downloads

The free download of videos from other users has made TikTok stand out from other social media platforms. They can even share these videos to other social media platforms to gain a vast audience. This is undoubtedly the reason for the platform’s popularity over the past few years.

Since each video comes along with the platform’s watermark and the original content creator’s username, It leaves less space for plagiarism and gives due credit. Also, when people view those downloaded videos on other social platforms, they will get a clear understanding of where to go and which users to follow if they want more of it.